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"Welcome to the Battle Born Junior Golf Tour! Powered by Trevino Golf Institute, and partnered with Duncan Golf Management, the BBJGT was created to foster elite junior golf and put Northern Nevada on the map for high-level competition and national exposure. Join us in our inaugural full season of tournament golf and the race for the Battle Born Cup!”

2021 Spring/Summer Series:
        - “To determine what level the golfer is please carefully choose from the options below. If the golfer is at a level above their designated age-group, select the devision the golfer would like to play in and please note in the description box when signing up that they are a younger age. The Spring/Summer Series is not for first-time beginner golfers. If the golfer has not played on a golf course before and/or does not know the rules of golf, please do not sign up for the events below. We will have a separate “New-To-Golf” Summer Series for these players.: "
        - Futures Division: Ages 7-9; This division is for the young golfer that is ready to start playing competitively. These golfers play 9 holes with a Caddy that lightly assists with rules and scoring. *Caddies, please do your best to only assist when necessary, we are trying to develop self-sufficient golfers. 
        - Players Division: Ages 10-12; This 9-hole division is for the player that is ready to play on their own.. No caddies and keep your own score. Players 
        - Ballers Division: 12 and Under; For the golfer that is ready for competition on the next level, players in this division must be competent with the rules of golf and comfortable walking and playing a full 18 holes.
        - Elites Division: Ages 13-18; Golfers in this 18-hole division are ready for high-level competition and are looking for statewide, and possibly nationwide, exposure. *This division is not for beginners.*

2021 Season Dates:

        - Sunday, March 21 at Washoe Golf Course
        - Sunday, April 18 at Eagle Valley East Golf Course
        - Sunday, May 2 at Wolf Run Golf Club
        - Sunday, May 23 at Lakeridge Golf Course
        - Monday, June 21 at Hidden Valley Golf Club
        - Sunday, July 18 at Toiyabe Golf Club
        - Sunday, August 8 at Eagle Valley West Golf Club